2018 Goal-Setting: Introduction

Happy New Year! Can you believe that we’re beginning a brand new year already? I feel like January 2017 was just here. I’m sure we all went into the year with excitement about the possibilities with the spark of motivation to run full speed ahead. I LOVE the freshness a new year brings. I feel like I have a brand new opportunity to work on my vision.

This year was interesting for me. There were many highs and lows and lessons learned (you’ll read about some of those later…). My overall takeaway was how critical it is for me to be intentional about EVERY area of my life. If I can be honest, this year was somewhat of a blur. I was dealing with a lot of stress from work and I allowed that stress to control my life. Because I’m currently on a two-week semester break, I was able to spend my first week in deep reflection! This was challenging, convicting, yet liberating. I realized that I need to take ownership of MY life. No one else can live MY life better than I can! I have a new motivation to start fresh.

With that being said, I’ve been following Lara Casey for a few years and whew. She is truly an incredible light in this world. She’s provided so much inspiration regarding living an intentional life and truly Cultivating what matters in your life. Lara created an amazing goal planner called Powersheets with the purpose of teaching people to develop good goals based on the life they want to live. I cannot express how much I LOVE these Powersheets! Additionally, for the past seven years, Lara has created a FREE 5-day goal-setting series on her blog. This five-day series includes many important steps for developing good goals! I highly recommend you check it out!

This year, I am stepping out into the deep and sharing different parts of my life with you. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll go through four main steps of her goal-setting series. I’ll share my highs and lows as well as lessons I’ve learned. My heart behind this is to lead you through cultivating a more purposeful life with intentional goals as opposed to just going through life with no plan and accepting whatever it brings.  I would love for you to join me!


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