2018 Goal Setting: Part 2- Life Evaluation

Welcome back to day two of our goal-setting series. This is based off of Lara Casey’s 5-day goal-setting series on her blog. We started the series yesterday, so don't feel like you're too far behind. You can check out part 1 here.

Step 1: So, how are you? This step of the process was a little challenging for me. I looked at the main areas of my life and rated myself in those areas. Very convicting! In an effort to be transparent, the areas and how I rated myself (on a scale from 1-10) are:

Health- 2

Finances- 3/4

Friends- 6

Spiritual and personal growth- 4/5

Spouse- 8

Work- 5

Family- 6

Recreation- 2

The next step is to determine what are the MAIN three areas you want to prioritize this year and focus on. Mine are:

· Health- stress has been a big part of my life. I’m creating habits that will dramatically reduce stress as well as allow me to be healthy from the inside out.

· Finances- my husband and I had our annual end-of-the-year family vision meeting and we are absolutely committed to financial freedom. We follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’re committed to being debt free (except our home) by paying off my student l(in 5 years or less.

·Spiritual/personal growth- I grew a lot in this area in 2017, but I KNOW there’s a way to go. My focus for this year and beyond is to truly prioritize my spiritual and personal growth. Who wants to stay the same forever?

Step 2: The next step is to reflect on this question- what matters most to YOU? Personally, what matters most to me includes:

·Having an intimate and faithful relationship with the Lord.

·Having a strong, Godly marriage that inspires others.

·Being a whole woman of faith, courage, resilience, passion, boldness, love, life, wisdom, and so mush more. I truly want to walk in the abundant life that God has called me to. I want to live in the freedom Christ has promised me.

·Being healthy: mentally, physically, etc. I truly want to be healthy inside and out.

·Living a life of financial freedom.

·Impacting others through education and service.

·Having strong relationships with family and friends.

·Living an intentional life.

·Spending my time well.

That’s it for today! I encourage you to complete these steps and truly reflect on those areas of your life. Dave Ramsey always says that you have to be completely committed to changing the areas of your life you’re not satisfied with. Why would you settle for complacency?

See you tomorrow for part 3 of our goal-setting series!


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