2018 Goal Setting: Part 3- 2017 Reflection 

Welcome back to day three of our goal-setting series. This is based off of Lara Casey’s 5-day goal-setting series on her blog. We started the series Monday, so don't feel like you're too far behind. You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here!

Step 1: We’re going to reflect in our 2017. Yes, most of us want to look straight ahead to 2018 and beyond, but it is so important to reflect on your past decisions SO THAT you will understand what went well and what didn’t. Remember, I keep stressing the importance of being intentional about the life you want to live! Like I was telling my bestie Sabine today- I don’t want life to just happen to me.

What worked in 2017:

·      Planning

·      MUCH BETTER communication with my hubby

·      No longer pursuing certain friendships

·      Attending business seminars

·      Resting a little more

·      Reading the Word more

·      Praying more

·      Speaking up for myself more

·      Being on the same page as my hubby

·      Doing something I had been putting off for a while

·      I finally started the blog that has been stirring in my heart

·      Cultivating more gratitude

·      Managing money a little better

What didn’t work in 2017:

·      Overloading my schedule

·      Spending TOO MUCH TIME on social media

·      Comparing my journey to others.

·      Not watering my own grass/celebrating the GOOD in my own life.

·      Allowing myself to feel inadequate

·      Lack of commitment to my health journey.

·      Being too concerned about other people’s opinions of me… what a waste!

·      Wasteful spending

·      Expecting perfection from myself and others

·      STRESS

·      Pursuing too many projects in this season.

·      Wasting a lot of time

·      Letting fear hold me back

Lessons I learned in 2017:

·      I must let go of control

·      Self-care must be a priority

·      Stress cannot have power over me

·      God is FOR me and NOT against me.

·      My health matters

·      I must seek God FIRST!!

·      I don’t have to take what this world gives me.

·      I don’t have to seek to fit in with any group.

·      I can confidently be myself.

·      I have been CHOSEN by GOD! It is an honor to serve Him.

·      I don’t have to apologize for wanting to do better and living a purposeful life.

·      I have to be faithful over the small stuff FIRST. I cannot give up on my dream just because its not going to the way I want it to at first. I have to keep at it.

·      My purpose isn’t for everyone, even those ‘close’ to me. Someone, somewhere, needs me to cultivate my gift and share it with the world. Someone is tied to my obedience!

·      “When people talk negatively about you, that says a lot more about them.”

·      Just because you’ve been friends with someone for several years doesn’t guarantee them to be in your corner… think on that.


That’s it for today! I encourage you to reflect on your own good things, challenges and lessons learned. We learn from our mistakes and hopefully, we’re able to plan better habits and make better choices to get us to the type of person we want to be and the life we want to live. I hope this encourages you!



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