Take Care of Yourself

I know it has been awhile. As I’m in the midst of overcoming a very rough season, spiritually and physically), I wanted to check in with my readers.

The main thing I want you to remember is to take care of yourself. Yesterday it was announced that the famous designer Kate Spade passed away. There are several reasons surrounding this, but I’m not going to discuss those here.

What I want you to remember is that you MUST take care of yourself. There are so many people walking around with anxiety, depression, fear, and so many more mental issues. We are so afraid of letting people in and seeking help. You must remember that YOU are YOUR own priority!! Who else can take better care of yourself than you can? This does not equate to being selfish. We face so many battles on a daily basis. We must check in with ourselves (AND your family and friends).

I cannot stress this enough. Please take care of yourself. You are loved, valued, cherished, and needed in this world. Your life matters. Your health matters. It is time to take care of your soul.

I’ll be taking my own advice and disconnecting for a season… I’ve poured out so much and restoration is needed.

Until next time.

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