Purpose Partner- Jeida Walker

Today, I'm featuring another amazing woman who is living her purpose each day. My dear friend, Jeida Walker, is fulfilling her purpose through her words. She’s an amazing wife, friend, and writer. I'm so grateful to know her!

Tell us about what exactly you are doing to fulfill your purpose.

I am a writer. God has graced me with the gift to weave stories about people in impossible situations and as they sort their way out of the mess, He comes to the rescue. I believe there are so many untold stories from people you and I might overlook every day. My stories highlight these people and draw us into their lives, their fears, their desires, their dreams. It is my goal to cause every reader to find themselves on the pages of my novels.


 How did you know what you were called to do?

I have been writing since I was very young. In fact, before I could create my own stories I used to gather my favorite Dr. Seuss books and a tablet, and copy each word down. There was something about putting words on paper that intrigued me even before I knew what I was doing. I wrote songs, poetry, short stories, and novels growing up. One night while I was banging away at a piece, my father told me that the Lord revealed to him that I would write for Him. Writing was my purpose. I’ve been walking in it ever since.

How do you handle fear and doubt when it comes to your purpose?

Whenever those thoughts try to invade—and they will—I talk to my mentors who remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I also ask the Lord to give me fresh inspiration. When doubt threatens to cripple you, you must push through and take control of it. It’s nothing more than the enemy wanting to stop your greatness because he knows the potential it has. Keep fighting!

How do you use your gift to uplift God’s kingdom?

By blogging about various topics to encourage women. I also use the words God gives me to offer advice and support to the people God places in my life. I think it’s important that my books display His grace in some form or fashion. He orchestrates everything, even when we feel like our lives are a mess.

What advice do you have for people, especially women, who are not sure what they were called to do or may be afraid to step out on faith?

The first thing to do is to ask the Lord to reveal it to you. Ask Him to make your life’s purpose so clear. Secondly, I would suggest that the thing you love to do most is likely what you’re called to do. What brings you joy? Does it contribute to the Kingdom and the uplifting of others? You may be closer to your purpose than you think. And if you’re afraid to step out on that calling, think about all the lives that are waiting on you to make that step. There are people who need your gift to perhaps reach their full potential. So, consider them, consider what this world would be like without your gift. Use that to push you into your purpose. We need you. Join us and you’ll never regret taking that leap.

How can we connect with you?

Readers can find more information about me on my website: www.jeidakstorey.com. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook: @JeidaKStorey


Thank you, Jeida, for taking the time out to share your story. I pray that God continues to use your for His glory!