Purpose Partner- Lakeisha Dixon

What a treat to have one of my mentors and inspirations, Lakeisha Dixon, share wisdom with us. This lady exudes confidence and wisdom. She is a minister, life coach, author, and speaker. I am so grateful to know her. You all are in for something good from this. So, grab some coffee or tea. Sit back and prepare to be enlightened. 




 Tell us about what exactly you are doing to fulfill your purpose? 

Purpose is my force and power to get God's will done. God has given me a mandate to fulfill His purpose by activating and breaking women free spiritually, emotionally, mentally, professionally, and financially. God has also given me a position in the marketplace to coach and train employers and employees to unlock corporate power.

How did you know what you were called to do? 

We were all created to help someone. We are suppose to encourage, heal, train, serve, give, love, empower, teach, mentor, coach, motivate, consult, share the good news of the gospel, replenish, multiply and subdue. If you are helping someone you are already in purpose. I knew that I loved helping women and I knew that I wanted to help women by being their coach and trainer. God revealed it to me through my passion. He showed me a problem that needed to be solved.

How do you handle fear and doubt when it comes to your purpose? 

I know that if I am faced with fear, it very well mean that I can overcome it. Why would the devil temp me with fear if, he didn't think I can do the assignment at hand? Doubt is the cousin of fear and I tell myself daily that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Fear is an illusion of my mind that God never gave me. Fear and Faith both speak loud; both deals with the unseen- One is a positive and one is a negative. I have trained my mind to lean on the positive more than the negative.

 How do you use your gift to uplift God’s kingdom? 

By making His name famous and glorifying the name above all names. I use my gifts to empower and impacted women from all walks of life. When I use my gifts, I am activating His obedience in the earth realm. In addition, when we use our gifts lives are being changed and souls are being saved.

What advice do you have for people, especially women, who are not sure what they were called to do or may be afraid to step out on faith? 

Many are called but few are chosen. The many refused to follow instructions but God knew that few will be willing to be the salt of the earth. Follow your heart-there lies passion and truth. When you wanted to pass a test in school what did you do? You studied to show yourself approved. It's the same thing in the kingdom; when you study, all the answers to the test is already on the inside of you. Keep studying and seeking and you will always pass the test because the Father will grant the answer key to you.

How can we connect with you? 

You can connect with me on:

Facebook: Lakeishamiami

IG: Thebreakthroughstrategist



Thank you, Lakeisha, for your wisdom!