Purpose Partner- Alysa Harkness

I’m so excited to have one of my girls Alysa share her story today. I am so proud of her! She has been on a heck of a journey and she has not given up.  She's awesome enough to be in my close circle! She’s a woman of many skills. Did I mention she can bake her tail off? LOL. Enjoy!


Tell us about what exactly you are doing to fulfill your purpose.

I believe my purpose is to comfort others. I've always had a heart to serve people and comfort them as well. What I am doing now to fulfill this purpose is my implementing what I have learned from my missions trips, education, and life experiences to comfort dying patients and their families. Also, I have a blog (Commissioned Faith) that shares stories of missionaries, recipes, and to give encouragement to others in their purpose.

How did you know what you were called to do?

Well, it's been a combination of life experiences I've had and the Holy Spirit directly telling me. I have always had a heart for older adults, baking, and missions (I have always loved to travel, eat sweets, and hang around my grandparents). 

How do you handle fear and doubt when it comes to your purpose?

One thing that I have been grateful for is the purposeful people God has placed in my life. People that encourage, challenge, and support the purpose God has given me. So, when those times come when I think I'm not good enough or I think my words wont have impact, I recite to myself, "God gave you this purpose, He will provide what you need, and you are needed". I also make sure I carve out time to be alone with God. 

How do you use your gift to uplift God’s kingdom?

I use my gift to display and share God's love. To be a listening ear, a helping hand, and to share the gifts of others. We all have different purposes, but we all were created to reach people in different ways. 

What advice do you have for people, especially women, who are not sure what they were called to do or may be afraid to step out on faith?

The first thing I would share is to take a look at the people you surround yourself with (your friends). Are they edifying, supportive, do they challenge you to be better? The second thing would be to carve out purposeful time to do a devotional, read a book, listen to music, something that gets your creative juices flowing. For me it was doing a devotional and baking! I do tons of thinking during those times.

How can we connect with you?

You can connect with me via Instagram- @coffeebrwnsugar and @commissionedfaith commissionedfaith@gmail.com